Plexaderm – Review – a natural rejuvenating cream against bags under the eyes and chicken paws, composition, opinions, price


Plexaderm – an innovative formula for unsightly under-eye bags – rapid reduction cream Bags under the eyes is a very serious aesthetic flaw that affects many middle-aged people. Imperfection is more common in women, but it is not uncommon to see men with bags under their eyes. However, the more and more modern cosmetological formulas …

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Profolan – a natural formula that combats male baldness

Profolan Many men at an increasingly young age are noticing significant hair thinning and baldness. It starts with a receding hairline and finishes with a characteristic “nest” on the top of the head. These are natural symptoms of androgenetic alopecia. Testosterone, although it is the most important male hormone, creates derivatives that can cause hair …

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Whitestrips – strips that guarantee a snow-white smile


Every one of us dreams of healthy and white teeth, because that’s one of the most significant elements of a perfect look. Beautiful teeth allow us to smile, which makes us treated better in the society. Unfortunately, plenty of us, due to drinking coffee, carbonated drinks, as well as smoking cigarettes, have a problem with …

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Energy Beauty Bar – innovative anti-wrinkle masseur

Wrinkles are integral part of natural aging process. In our times these processes occur much earlier and it is primarily because of everyday stress. A perfectly smooth skin is a dream of many women, but now also men who deal with unaesthetic wrinkles. All people look for an effective method of keeping your skin young. …

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Black Mask – say goodbye to persistent acne

Black Mask

An acne face, a nightmare for many people who deal with this problem for their entire life. Indeed, acne is a typical problem of youngsters due to a considerable production of hormones, but you surely know an older person who suffers from cutaneous condition. Truth is that acne fight is a never ending story, we …

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