How to increase penis size?

Now a days, it seems like more and more mens are becoming conscious about their penis size. There are common questions which males of all ages usually ask around how to increase penis size. Before answering few very common questions, lets see how important penis size is?

From ancient days, human know that women feels pleasure when her clitoris rub against any object. And men feel pleasure when his glad at tip rub against any object. Both clitoris and penis gland are at the tip, the outer side of organ. Then where is the need of having big penis? Male need to touch the clitoris and rub it with his penis gland, and it is done. Right?

Yes and NO. Yes, because the fact is that only clitoris is responsible for women sensation and penis gland is responsible for men sensation. NO, because just touching two glands and rubbing each other don’t give complete pleasure. When someone is very much aroused, he or she want to do sexual encounter very hard. Sex is in mind. Complete pleasure is in harder, longer and very sensational encounters. And this cannot be achieved by simply rubbing two glands.

One more important related fact. The bigger penis size facilitate sperm to reach female egg easily, as sperm need to travel small distance.

Hence, it is quite obvious all men want increase in penis size for both the reasons… Complete and thrilling sexual pleasure for himself and his partner.

Now, lets move ahead with answering most common questions males have.

Is it possible to increase penis size?

YES, it is very much possible to increase penis size. The reason is penis is made up of tissues and tissues size can be increased by supplying needed things like nutrients, hormones and by using human body’s inbuilt nature of adaptation.

How to increase penis size? OR What are the ways to increase penis size?

  • By Penis exercise: Penis exercise involves holding of blood inside penis in attempt to push more and more blood into penis tissues during erection. This stimulates the growth of new cells and increases both the length and girth of penis. There are many products available in market like Pro Extender System. It is designed to provide gentle, painless traction to the penis. The device fastens around the base of the penis and around the corona glans (head) and has a fully adjustable traction apparatus in between. It works good when is it used with its complete package which consists of VigRX, Semenax and CD guide.
  • By Penis Surgery: Penis surgery is also one option to increase penis size. But being surgical in nature, there is danger of mis happening, What if surgery went wrong? It will be worse than having small penis. Not recommended when other better options are available.
  • By nutrition and hormonal treatment: This option seems to be the easiest and scientific. Researches found that penis tissue can be increased in size when they get required nutrition and hormones. Doctors and scientists worked hard to find out the required nutrition and hormones for increasing the penis size both ways.. by length and girth. They have also figured out the methods to stimulate required hormones. These required nutrition and hormone stimulator come in form of penis enlargement pills. But every claimed penis enlargement pill is not the best. One need to filter out the best on from the rest.

Foods to increase penis size?

Generally people think that normal daily routine food can help increase penis size, and they are true to much extent. To increase penis size, one need the food which specifically raise the testosterone level. Some of such foods are: Nuts, Broccoli, Bananas, red meat, oysters, tuna, salmon, eggs, milk, liver, carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes etc.

Question: But here question remains, every men eat most of these foods, then why everyone don’t have big penis?

Answer: The answer is simple, these food effect mildly. Don’t expect few inches increase in penis size. It is always recommended to keep on eating above mentioned food more and more. But if you want really want to measurable increment, then you HAVE TO look for something else.

So far, only one natural thing got success in penis size increment. That natural thing is Herbs. There are around a dozens of herbs which are successful for sexual health boosting. To get bigger penis size you need to depend on herbs like Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus is boon for men which small penis. VigRX Plus contains ample amount of Tribulus Terrestris, and is quite successful for increasing the length and girth of penis.

By following below button, you can check out about Tribulus Terrestris, other ingredients and can order VigRX Plus. You’ll get 2-3 inches extra, guaranteed; else 100% money back. Check Out for yourself.

How to naturally increase penis size? OR Herbs to increase penis size?

This question is related with the increment in penis size by nutrition and hormonal treatment. Obviously eating above mentioned food to increase penis size is 100% natural and safe. As the results are not that measurable so doctors and scientist discovered many herbs which can help a lot. Most of the herbs which support penis enlargement are rare herbs. Few of them are: BIOPERINE, DAMIANA, PUNCTURE VINE, EPIMEDIUM LEAF EXTRACT, GINKGO LEAF, ASIAN RED GINSENG, SAW PALMETTO BERRY, MUIRA PAUMA BARK EXTRACT, CATUABA BARK EXTRACT, HAWTHORN BERRY etc. The easy option to get these rare herbs is by purchasing enlargement pills which have these herbs.

How to permanently increase penis size?

First of all getting penis size increased permanently is possible. The all 3 above mentioned methods results in permanent increase in penis size. The non-permanent or temporary is only the harder erection. Those pills results temporary penis increment which says… use 3 minutes or 5 minutes or 30 minutes before going for sexual encounter. Increment is penis size is like increment of height. Once your height is grown, it is grown. Similarity increment in penis size is permanent with some penis enlargement pills.

For Example: VigRX Plus, Member XXL, Extenze, Deeper! Gel, Titan Gel. It have all the above mentioned magical herbs which support penis enlargement.

Best way to increase penis size?

If you are reading this post throughly then by this time you might have guessed it. The third way among above mentioned ways is the best. i.e. by nutrition and hormonal treatment. This method can be 100% safe, with no side effects as it involves only natural herbs. But you need to have a closer looks on ingredients. Every best claimed pill is not best.
Best pills to increase penis size?

Market is full of penis enlargement pills. There are lot of competition as well, so everyone seems claiming itself best. You can figure out the best pills yourself if you know the basic expected results from best pills. Few expected results to mention with are here

  • 100% Safe, absolutely no side effect
  • 100% natural, absolutely no synthetic ingredient
  • permanent increase in penis size
  • increment should be both ways.. in length and width
  • overall enhancement in sexual stamina
  • increase in libido
  • harder, stronger and longer erections
  • help to fight erectile dysfunction
  • help in psychological reasons of lower sexual stimulations like depression and anxiety.
  • and the confidence of manufacturer in medicine.
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