Penis Exercises or Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Exercises are those activities which are used especially for changing penis looks in both conditions, erect and relaxed. From thousands of years, men wish to have bigger penis. The reason might be self show off, feeling proud for having big tool, impressing women, better satisfaction for self and partner or whatever. But the truth is.. men wish to have bigger penis, better sexual performance from ages.

In ancient times, there were not many options for penis growth. Ancient men were doing penis exercises for getting bigger size. They were doing many penis growth exercises, both using some or other equipment or by just their hands. Penis enlargement exercise equipments of ancient times were not specially designed for penis exercise, but they were other house hold objects like small stones tied with just any rope, penis tied up with leg near knee etc. The most commonly tool they were using for penis growth was their own hands.

Common objectives of Penis Exercises:

Unlike ancient times, today people are more actively working around penis enlargement exercises. There are many equipments available in market especially designed for penis exercises. There are more researched penis exercises which do not involve any equipment. There are especial trainings on penis growth exercises. Today people know more on this topic and taking optimum advantage of his knowledge and skills. Today men is doing penis exercises for following objectives (mainly):

  • Increase in penis length
  • Increase in penis girth (diameter)
  • Increase in stiffness of penis (harder penis)
  • Fixing curves in penis, even for making curves
  • Lasting longer in bed

For those who are bit novice for penis exercises, fixing curves may be surprising. But the truth is that, now you can control your penis looks. One important thing to mention here on penis curves is… women like it! Reason is simple, curve facilitate more friction and better rubbing with partner, giving more pleasure to both. So, many guys do penis exercise of getting curves.

Common Penis Exercise Type:

As already mentioned now a days penis exercise become more scientific giving more control and better results. The most common penis exercise types are following

  1. Using Equipments: Market is full of them. There are different equipments available for every objective. Like to increase penis length, most popular equipment is Pro Extender System. It become popular because of its comfort level while using it and its results.
  2. Jelqing Exercises: Jelqing exercises are widely known as natural penis enlargement exercises, because if its nature of not using any device. It involves both the hands. Pushing blood inside penis is the way to do it. Use one hand to push the blood towards end of penis, and use other hand to block the blood inside penis by holding penis in its base (near public bone). There are many version of this exercise like dry Jelq, mini Jelq, V- Jelq, side Jelq etc.
  3. Length exercises and stretching exercises: These penis enlargement exercises includes both equipments based penis exercises and non equipment based penis exercises. There are several detailed classifications under this type. Some common classifications are Bundled Stretch, Rotating Stretch, A-Stretch, Internal Stretch, Side Fowfer, Leg Tuck Pull and many more.
  4. Girth exercises: These exercises are focused on increasing the penis girth. Do you know, women give more importance to girth then length? This is true, because it is girth which give wider opening (more stretched) experience to women. Girth penis exercises are also many in count. Some of them are Erect Bend, Horse Squeeze, Flaccid Bend, Penis Clamping 101, Compressor, Traction Wrapping 101 and more.
  5. Kegel Exercises: Kegel exercise, named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor (which are now sometimes colloquially referred to as the “Kegel muscles”). Kegel is a popular prescribed exercise for pregnant women to prepare the pelvic floor for physiological stresses of the later stages of pregnancy and vaginal childbirth. Men can also use Kegel, and it can help men achieve stronger erections and gain greater control over ejaculation.

Besides these popular penis exercises, Squeezing Exercises are also widely used as penis enlargement exercises.

Are Penis Exercises Enough?

Penis enlargement exercises are in existence since ancient times, then there must be some results. In fact results should be prominent for penis exercise to survive for so long. Penis enlargement exercises, not only survive but also develop in their variety and technology. So, some good results must be there.

With so good positively (natural way of penile growth), penis growth exercises have some difficulties with them. Some of the common difficulties includes:

  • Need to do penis exercise for several years to get some good results. [biggest difficulty]
  • Many times, men hurt penis in absence of proper guidance.
  • Wrong results could be seen in absence of proper guidance, or in attempt to get results faster.
  • Need to spare some good time daily for penis exercise.

What if you want faster results? Off-course you need some additional help along with penis enlargement exercise. The best recommendable additional help is herbal penis enlargement pills.

Now a days most popular and most positively reviewed penis enlargement pills is: Member XXL pills, Extenze pills

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