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valgomedThe problem of bunions mostly affects women who wear high heels. This condition also impacts men who have to exert themselves at their jobs. One risk factor might be wrong shoes, which don’t provide the foot with adequate arrangement and stable pose. That’s where bunions come from, also called hallux valgus. It’s a damage of the big toe joint, which naturally bends inwards. It causes a malleolus to stick out on the outside of the foot. This problem causes a lot of pain and discomfort during activity while also not being very aesthetic, which takes away confidence.

So far, the treatment has included ineffective pharmacological methods, long-lasting expensive massages as well as surgical procedures that is risky while also potentially causing secondary deformation. However, we’re not helpless in the battle against bunions. We can make use of the innovative method developed in United States that keeps growing in popularity. We’re talking about the special Valgomed separator.

This separator provides the proper location of the big toe and corrects bunions, restoring the healthy look of the foot. Thanks to its construction, it also makes you feel relief and enables you to perform daily tasks without discomfort. Valgomed has been tested through numerous researches in order to confirm its effectiveness as well as safety of use. The test subjects didn’t experience any complications, and after just 10-14 days they were able to see the first results. It was amazing to many surgeons and rheumatologists who admitted that they didn’t expect this kind of results.

What kind of results does using the Valgomed separator gives?

Most of all, the Valgomed stabilizer stabilizes the big toe and prevents it from dislocating. Thanks to maintaining such position, the bunion starts to move back until completely restoring the healthy look and positioning of the foot. The product also prevents inflammations of skin and joints as well as corns. It is an effective remedy for the longitudinal and transverse flat foot. What is most important, though, is that when putting the stabilizer on in the morning you can easily perform the daily chores without discomfort and pain that negatively impact the effectiveness of your activities.

The Valgomed stabilizer prevents further deformation of the joints by lowering the strain on them. Stopping the joint dislocation process allows to effectively battle bunions, which disappear after few weeks. Thanks to the product, your foot will return to the natural, healthy position. Shaping the proper positioning of the leg will make the risk of bunions occurring in the future reduced to the minimum.

It is a method that is exceptionally effective and very comfortable, gradually pushing away the untested methods of battling bunions. Whereas a proper physical therapy recovery and a surgical procedure are sometimes effective, they are also very expensive, and when it comes to the surgery they also come with the risk of unwanted complications occurring, as well as scars that are hard to remove. Which is especially a huge problem to women, who wish to maintain a beautiful healthy look of their feet. That’s why Valgomed as a non-invasive method is getting so popular all around the world.

This product was invented by experts from United States due to the increasing demand for an effective method of battling bunions which have become a nightmare of many women who prefer high heels.

How to use the Valgomed separator?

The product is made of elastic and safe silicon that doesn’t cause allergies or skin irritations. The Valgomed set contains two separators, one for each foot. It is very small, which means it doesn’t limit your choice in selecting shoes you want to wear. When it comes to women, who often wear high heels, it is actually encouraged as an effective form of preventive treatment that can prevent painful bunions from occurring.

The Valgomed separator brings the maximum results when worn from 6 to 10 hours a day. A positive therapeutic result will become visible to you within 10-14 days. Using the separator is incredibly easy. Put it on the big toe, then squeeze it tight so that it adjusts to the shape of your foot. If there’s a need to clean the separator, wash it with water and soap, then dry it carefully, but don’t leave a wet separator exposed to sun rays, which might damage the silicon.

Can the Valgomen separator cause side effects?

Regular use of the Valgomed separator doesn’t cause absolutely any negative consequences if we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, which means wearing it for 6 to 10 hours a day. Using it for longer shouldn’t have a negative impact on our health, either. The separator was made of hypoallergenic silicon, which means we don’t have to worry about the problem of potential allergies and allergic reactions. Research shows that Valgomed doesn’t cause skin irritations either and prevents corns.

The proper construction of the separator makes it safe to wear with all types of shoes. Women who often choose high heels should consider using this product preventively, as this type of shoes, although guarantees an attractive look, unfortunately isn’t without impact on our health, increasing the risk of things like bunions occurring. The separator isn’t big, so it doesn’t make it harder to choose shoes, and it’s also invisible.

Reviews for the Valgomed product

The results that can be achieved with the Valgomed separator left the experts in charge of thoroughly testing this product surprised. It’s an innovative method developed in United States as a response to the increase in people affected by the problem of bunions. Before being introduced on the market, the product passed the tests and was certified as safe. For majority of people tested, great results of the treatment were observed after just two weeks of using the separator. It was a huge breakthrough in curing bunions.

The doctors agree with that, saying that the splints available so far that were meant to be put on two fingers in order to remove bunions are very dangerous and might cause deformation of the second and third toe. They also point out that the surgical procedure that is often successful also comes with a certain risk of complications occurring, plus it might also leave scars that are very hard to remove. The surgery is also a very expensive method.

Last but not least are the positive reviews from people who have already tested the Valgomed product. Currently the product has over 1500 positive comment from people in Poland who used to suffered from painful bunions and wanted to try something new. There are plenty of reviews where people mention bad experience with other methods used for bunions. They would turn out to be very ineffective, not to mention expensive. Some people would later suffer from complications caused by untested methods. According to a vast majority of those who have tried the Valgomed separator, it’s an effective and completely safe method that finally brought them relief and got rid once and for all of the problem of annoying bunions that not only look very unaesthetic but also make a very serious deformation of foot joints.

What is the price of the Valgomed separator?

That’s another advantage of the product, which is available at a very attractive price that won’t put much strain on our bank account. What is more, when comparing this method with other ways of curing bunions that are much more expensive and less effective, one could say that Valgomed is a very cheap product if we check the results it guarantees.

We recommend to often visit the website of the manufacturer, who once in a while offers Valgomed at discount price that can be twice lower than the retail price. However, the number of items available at discount price is limited, which is why one has to be watchful in order not to miss the favorable chance to get the Valgomed separator at half the price.

If we’re not satisfied with the results we got after two to three weeks of using the product, the manufacturer gives us 30 days to return the product and get a refund. That way you’re guaranteed that you won’t lose buying it. Returns are very rare, however, as a vast majority of people are delighted with their results.

Where to buy the Valgomed separator?

We most definitely advise against online auctions, where one can sometimes find this product at much lower price. We’d like to warn that those are fakes based on the popular Valgomed brand, as the manufacturer doesn’t sell at online auctions. The product is only available on the product’s website and that’s our recommended way to buy Valgomed.

That way you’re sure that you’ll get the original Valgomed separator at the lowest available price. How to order the product? All you have to do is fill out a short order form, and after few minutes you’ll get a call from the customer service. You’ll arrange the place and method of delivering the package over the telephone. You only pay for the product upon delivery, to the mailman or delivery man.

Say goodbye to the problem of bunions with the Valgomed separator

The problem that affects a growing number of women wearing high heels, as well as men exposed to intense physical labor, has finally gotten the right method of curing, which is completely safe and effective. The Valgomed product has been tested by a vast group of experts, as well as people who wanted to get rid of the painful bunions fast.

All reviews for the separator are positive and leave no doubt that it’s an effective and tested product. You don’t have to worry about the costs either, as its price is very attractive. And if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return the product within 30 days. Such situations pretty much never happen, as everyone who has tested the product was delighted with the results they observed after 10-14 days

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