Acai Berry benefits

The diet and weight loss market is swamped with products promising weight loss. When a customer realises that the promises were somewhat unrealistic, they could be very disheartened. Many weight loss products promise overnight results with zero effort and no change to the average lifestyle. However there are a few weight loss products on the market that can be very effective when combining them with a healthy lifestyle. Such products have been tested using scientific methods and in-depth research and development as opposed to simply being rolled out without correct trials. The Acai berry is one such product that has proven to be extremely effective in aiding weight loss and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Antioxidants are known to be beneficial, and one of the main ways the levels of antioxidants found in foods are measured is called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or for short ORAC. Foods which have a high ORAC score can have a profound impact on health, increasing energy and stamina while combating obesity. To put the ORAC score into perspective, one superfood known to us as the common blueberry carries a score of around 20. The Acai Berry can clearly be viewed as a superior choice, since recent studies have found that the Acai berry comes with an ORAC score nearer to 167.

One of the greatest benefits that the Acai Berry is able to provide is its ability to substantially increase stamina and energy. This is accomplished through the high levels of antioxidants seen in the Acai berry, which are known to have a direct effect on energy and stamina. With increased amounts of energy and stamina a person is more likely to feel motivated to exercise and be generally more active. Furthermore, when taken regularly the Acai Berry can assist in strengthening the immune system substantially, increasing our body’s natural defences against disease and infection. The energy usually necessary for the body to fight infection can be used more effectively. Furthermore, since the body has the capacity to fight disease and infection with greater efficiency, overall standard of living and health is greatly improved.

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Further to its ability to boost the body’s stamina and energy, the Acai Berry can also be particularly effective in combating obesity. The Acai Berry contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols and antioxidants which improve the performance of the body and maximise efficiency. When these properties are combined, they assist the body to process food efficiently, which often enhances fat burning. Moreover, this process improves the metabolism which is essential in the weight loss process as it allows food to be digested more effectively and increases the pace at which food travels through the body. Most crucially the Acai berry will enhance overall wellbeing, which can be an essential factor in weight loss.

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