Anoretix Reviews

Anoretix calls itself the most powerful appetite suppressant, even claiming that one person could lose 12 pounds in as little as 2 weeks. They talk about the first diet pill with 9 patented weight loss ingredients in every dose and otherwise “the only diet pill I would ever recommend” according to one nutritionist and past user.

So what’s so special about patented ingredients? Patented ingredients are of course great. You just might not know it yet. Patented ingredients come ultimately speaking from clinically proven ingredients. They range from appetite suppressants to fat burners to lean muscle builders, and they have basically isolated the active components of these ingredients. Then they have improved them. Sometimes, they are more effective. Other times, they make them safer. They generally speaking make them more powerful with smaller amounts.

So does Anoretix make proper use of these particular ingredients? You can of course judge for yourself. But we would say that yes, they have. They use first of all an ingredient called super citrimax. It is basically a patented form of HCA that has been improved, it is more powerful, and realistically speaking it burns fat and curbs appetite at the same time. Likewise, Tonalin is a form of CLA, a proven caffeine free thermogenic fat burner. CLA is of course a good fat. But in its original form, it is responsible for an extra 2 pounds weight loss per year. In tonalin form, it is of course far more powerful.

From there, they have Advantra-Z, the patented form of one of the best known fat burners on the market, synephrine. Essentially speaking, this is the replacement for ephedrine without all the same side effects. NeOpuntia from there has been used as a fat blocker, Phase 2 as a carb blocker, and forslean as a lean muscle builder. Likewise, there is 7-keto, chromemate, and bioperine.

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With all of those ingredients, obviously speaking, you get a more comprehensive approach to weight loss. You get the more powerful and patented ingredients. It doesn’t just suppress appetite or just burn fat. It burns fat, increases metabolism, suppresses appetite, builds lean muscle mass, and otherwise promotes a total weight loss result that is not often rivaled.

With 9 patented ingredients, obviously you get more power than you would find in the great majority of weight loss products as a whole. There are not many who can even begin to compete with the ingredients list. Now, we have seen more considerable amounts that would produce greater individual results with these ingredients. However, as far as the ingredients in basic form, obviously few can compare. So at the very least, it is worth a try for most dieters.

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