Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia Reviews

Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia is an interesting product. They sell through some of the smaller third party retailers, meaning that the markups are not as great as say type products. But honestly speaking, they have to have certain sales to get on the bigger sites, which would denote the idea that other products simply sell better for whatever reason.

This being said, they talk about certain effects. They talk about the new idea of actually manipulating a hormone called leptin. It has been specifically linked to obesity, and they have even created a “vaccine” based on this idea. Of course, there is nothing that will help anybody to lose weight without the help of diet and exercise.

However, they of course acknowledge this. They say that if you have struggled with weight loss before, it’s not entirely your fault and they can help you to achieve better and easier results for that matter. They also talk about insulin and various other factors in general. However, the question is, do they provide the crucial elements for your success?

They use one ingredient and one ingredient only. It is called irvingia gabonesis, and it has been shown to have this particular effect. It manipulates leptin levels according to some scientific reports, and therefore it makes weight loss easier. Whatever its mechanisms of action, it has been shown to produce a significant difference in weight loss results, and if used in the right amounts, obviously you could see considerably greater benefits.

The problem is that they don’t actually have the clinically proven amounts. They use 150mg, which is increasingly common unfortunately. This ingredient actually requires at least 1500mg. So obviously, you can see that there is a significant difference. This in mind, it will not work as far as the paperwork goes.

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However, the customer reviews in some ways conflict with this. There are a surprising number of positive consumer reviews associated with this particular product. We were a little shocked at least at the numbers. So for that reason and that reason alone, we are inclined to question whether the paper version is actually right.

We think that Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia has a chance. We don’t usually think that with these kinds of products and otherwise. However, with the conflicting information that we have seen across the internet and through clinical studies, we have to secede and say that it may produce results. We are not entirely sure considering the papered version. However, we would say give it a chance.

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