Profolan – a natural formula that combats male baldness


profolanMany men at an increasingly young age are noticing significant hair thinning and baldness. It starts with a receding hairline and finishes with a characteristic “nest” on the top of the head. These are natural symptoms of androgenetic alopecia. Testosterone, although it is the most important male hormone, creates derivatives that can cause hair follicles to die. Therefore, the only effective way to stop this process is a proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals that blocks DHT, a derivative of testosterone responsible for baldness.

In addition, a proper diet is needed that strengthens our hair and provides the right substances needed to stimulate the anogen, ketagen and telogen phases. Unfortunately, not all of us have time to organise a wholesome and healthy diet. Fortunately, all the necessary ingredients can be provided with an appropriate diet supplement. Of course, you should focus on natural products that are better absorbed by the body and that don’t cause side effects. One such product is the innovative and completely safe diet supplement Profolan, which effectively inhibits androgenetic alopecia.

Many years of laboratory tests have led to the creation of a product that can prevent hair loss and rebuild an attractive hairstyle. Baldness is a big problem for many men that has an impact on their self-esteem. After all, one of the most important features of a great appearance is a thick hairstyle. Of course, some men look very good without hair, but it requires proper genetic predispositions, like the shape of the head and facial features. For those who look much better with dense hair, we propose Profolan. It is an effective solution for androgenic baldness and thinning hair.

Effects of using Profolan

Profolan has a multiple action that helps rebuild lost hair and restore healthy and dense hair. This is possible thanks to the product’s innovative formula and the natural composition. The numerous healing properties of plants contained in the product are able to stop androgenetic alopecia and stimulate normal hair growth. The effects of Profolan can be separated into three areas. The first is blocking the testosterone derivative DHT, which prevents further hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia.

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The second process is to ensure adequate blood supply to the scalp. Stimulated blood vessels and faster blood flow can stimulate the hair follicles to accelerated hair growth. It also helps in ensuring the proper balance of the anagen, ketagenic and telogen phases. The point is therefore that the hair growth phase should be as long as possible and the phase of prolapse be shortened as much as possible. In this way, the hair follicles are able to produce more hair than what was lost in the telogen phase.

The third area of the supplement’s action is proper hair care. Natural nutrients make hair more durable and regain its brilliance and colour. This complements the effects and means that after a month of treatment with Profolan you can impress women with your rich hair and put yourself forward as a man who looks after his appearance.

Natural composition of Profolan

Natural sources of active substances, such as medicinal plants, are used to produce Profolan. One of them is nettle. Although many of us think that this plant is not very nice, especially from childhood, it is a real repository of extremely important substances needed for the proper functioning of the body. One of them regulates the bloodstream, which contributes to limiting hair loss and accelerating new hair growth. Another component is field horsetail, a natural remedy effective in regenerating and strengthening weakened hair. Due to its excellent results, field horsetail had to be included in the innovative formula of Profolan.

An important ingredient is L-cysteine, a very important amino acid belonging to the group of endogenous amino acids. This ingredient is able to actively nourish and renew tissues at the cellular level. A deficiency of this substance in the body is often manifested by intense hair loss. This is the most common cause of baldness. Profolan’s comprehensive formula has been enriched with numerous vitamins and minerals that complement the composition and focus on maintaining healthy hair. Aan excellent composition is not everything, however, because the formula is equally important in order to take full advantage of the therapeutic potential contained in the ingredients.

How to use Profolan?

You will get the right dose of the product by taking two Profolan capsules each day. Preferably half an hour before a meal. By using the product regularly, you will notice a rapid improvement. The full treatment takes a month. After that, you will notice that your hair has become dense and healthy again. You will also permanently solve the problem of androgenic alopecia and you will forget about the problem of baldness. The long-term effects are Profolan’s big advantage over other products, which only bring short-term improvement.

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Can Profolan produce side effects?

Perhaps you are a man with very sensitive skin that is susceptible to all kinds of irritation. Which is why you are looking for new products. Fortunately, Profolan is available in the form of natural capsules with a tried and tested composition. Thanks to this you don’t have to worry about any side effects. During the month-long treatment you will notice only positive changes that will restore your hair. In independent consumer research, over 90% of men were very satisfied with the results they obtained. A painful and very expensive hair transplant is completely unnecessary. A similar effect can be obtained in 30 days using the natural and safe diet supplement Profolan.

Men’s opinions on Profolan

Although the product is aimed at men, in comments we often see opinions from women who, seeing the low self-esteem of their partners due to baldness, decided to take matters into their own hands and buy them Profolan as a gift. They say that they noticed a significant improvement in the condition of their partners’ hair very quickly. Within a month, the men regained their hair and improved their mood. Of course, many men decide to buy this product by themselves and they also offer favourable words praise for the effects of Profolan, and also point to its safety and lack of unwanted side effects.

The opinion of expert trichologists, specialists dealing with hair, is also very important. They confirm that the ingredients contained in the product are a very effective remedy preventing androgenic alopecia. The active substances are also able to restore lost hair by improving blood supply to the scalp and properly stimulating the anogen, ketagen and telogen phases. In their opinion, the ingredients are completely safe and natural, thereby ensuring a satisfactory treatment with Profolan capsules.

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Is Profolan expensive?

An important determinant of the quality of a diet supplement is its price. It cannot be too low, because then it indicates a very small content of active substances. It also cannot be too high, because after all natural plant ingredients have been provided to us by nature. The price of Profolan capsules maintains perfectly a balance between price and quality. The price is not excessive considering the results that can be achieved during one month. What’s more, the product can be obtained at a favourable promotional price, which we will tell you about below.

Where is best to buy Profolan?

Considering that this product was launched in our market relatively recently, it is not yet available in pharmacies and other places where supplements are sold. Fortunately, this is not a big problem because you can order it from the producer’s official website, where you can take advantage of an attractive promotion and buy a package of Profolan capsules at half the normal price. By purchasing this way, you also get free shipping and the option of paying for the product in delivery. This a very convenient and comfortable way to buy, and above all, safe. You don’t have to worry that capsules are just a counterfeit of the Profolan brand because they come straight from the official producer.

Fight baldness and enjoy healthy hair with Profolan

Although until recently there was a common myth that the only way to deal with androgenetic baldness was an expensive and painful hair transplant, we now know that similar effects can be obtained through quite natural methods. All you need is adequate supplementation with the natural product Profolan to overcome the problem of baldness within a month and restore the attractive and healthy look of your hair. The supplement has received recognition in the eyes of many men who have regained energy and a positive attitude to life. It is a fact that hair loss is one of the most annoying male ailments. It’s good that we can deal with it easily using a proven product that uses the magical power of plants such as nettle and field horsetail.

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