Psoriasis Treatments: Soriatane Medication, Dosage, Side Effects And Treatments

Anyone with psoriasis will know how painful, itchy and just plain annoying the skin condition can be. Psoriasis affects 4.5 million adults in the United States. The chronic condition, which causes inflamed red skin patches covered with silvery scales, occurs about evenly among males and females. Caucasians are most likely to develop psoriasis.

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It is not contagious, but can be passed on from mother to child genetically. No cure is known, but a number of psoriasis treatments do exist to stop outbreaks of the itchy, painful rash.

For those with more severe psoriasis, Soriatane medication is a popular treatment option. Soriatane medication is a capsule taken orally. Soriatane medication should be taken with food at about the same time each day. If a Soriatane dosage (usually about 25 to 50 milligrams once a day) is missed, the capsules should be taken as soon as one remembers. However, it is important to not double up to make up for a missed Soriatane dosage. The Soriatane medication, which must be prescribed by a doctor, takes a few months to begin working. Sometimes symptoms even worsen when the treatment of Soriatane medication first begins, but with patience,and a few months time, one should experience a pleasant absence of psoriasis and its symptoms.

Before taking Soriatane medication, there are a few important things to consider. Soriatane medication should not be taken by a female who plans to become pregnant within the next three years. Taking Soriatane medication while pregnant (or becoming pregnant up to three years after stopping the treatment) could lead to serious birth defects and physical abnormalities. Since the Soriatane medication side effects can be so serious, women must be counseled in birth control methods before receiving Soriatane medication.

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They must also sign a consent form, stating they understand the consequences if they became pregnant. For one month before taking Soriatane medication, while taking Soriatane medication, and for three years after the treatment, women of childbearing age must use two reliable forms of birth control. Minipills, those containing no estrogen, should not be taken because they may not work with the Soriatane medication.

According to PDR Health, other less serious Soriatane side effects could include abnormal bone growth or pain, abnormal skin changes, blood clot, changes in blood sugar or cholesterol levels, depression, eye symptoms, heart attack, joint pain, lip inflammation, liver disorders, muscle weakness, numbness or swelling of the hands or feet, inflammation of the pancreas, stroke, thoughts of suicide or self-injury, or vision problems. Although this seems like a lot of Soriatane side effects, most prescription drugs come with a similarly long list of potential problems.

In addition to not becoming pregnant while taking Soriatane medication, one must not drink alcohol or ingest anything with alcohol in it. Vitamin A supplements should also be avoided. For up to three years after taking Soriatane, neither men nor women should donate blood. As with all psoriasis treatments, or any other prescriptions, it is important not to overdose. Symptoms of a Soriatane medication could include headache and dizziness.

Although no medication stops psoriasis outbreaks, Soriatane medication can successfully reduce and eventually do away with the itchy rash. Before subscribing to this helpful medicine, one must take note of all the side effects and other conditions. Price remains the final consideration. Soriatane medication can be purchased from $103.79 for 60, 10mg capsules to $478.29 for 200, 25mg capsules from an online site such as With all conditions, including price, considered, one can make a fully informed choice to take or not to take Soriatane medication.

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