Slim Xtreme Reviews

Slim Xtreme claims to be the best way for you to burn and completely eliminate fat. They claim that Slim Xtreme will finally make the difference you are looking for actually giving you appetite suppression as well among other things. They claim that this formula will defeat all others.

This being said, whether it comes back or not, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to know about Slim Xtreme is that it has been “temporarily discontinued.” There are many red flags of a junk product. But while they have sold through multiple third party retailers, should a product ever go “discontinued” or “recalled” among other things, it means that they are not getting the orders, have destroyed their own reputation, or a number of other things.

This being said, even though they are not available now, it’s still fair to assume that they may be “temporarily discontinued” and therefore to look at it just in case. So how does it work? Well it starts out using caffeine and ginseng, ultimately speaking two different forms of caffeine. This being said, caffeine is a potential thermogenic fat burner yes. But that’s not to say it will work. You have to have at least 400mg or any individual caffeine form. They have a grand total of 450mg meant to cover all of their ingredients.

After this, you get two major antioxidants: cocoa and acai. While antioxidants can provide certain benefits, again they don’t provide details and amounts, let alone large amounts, and unfortunately antioxidants do not burn fat. So as you can see, Slim Xtreme will not provide weight loss with that.

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Finally, they have an ingredient called cha de bugre. Cha de bugre has been hugely hyped, because it apparently reportedly comes from Brazil. Of course, we like everything Brazilian or foreign for that matter. Case in point: acai. This being said, unlike acai, cha de bugre has not been shown to provide any benefits at all, let alone weight loss. And yes, some have suggested specifically that it be tested for weight loss benefits.

Considering the fact that they have caffeine, you will experience side effects like irregular heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, headache, nausea, insomnia, mood swings, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, tension, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Yes, this is common. But especially considering the fact that they don’t promote weight loss, there is no asking if it’s worth it.

We would not recommend using Slim Xtreme. There are already so many other options. Frankly speaking, there are other options that don’t use caffeine. There are other options that do use caffeine but actually promote weight loss. And more importantly, there are products that haven’t been discontinued, which is of course a major scar for those who have gone through it. We would recommend therefore using something else that really would actually give you the benefits you’re looking for.

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