Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone Boosters – are they for you?

As men, testosterone has a big role to play on our health. But the down side is that as we grow older our testosterone levels start diminishing gradually. By the time men hit the age of 25, they start experiencing a fall in testosterone levels. In such a situation, for many men, testosterone boosters are the best way forward to finding relief.

Muscle building boosters:

For past many centuries, humans have been using natural testosterone boosters in order to boost their endurance and sexual performance. However, things have changed considerably and it’s a lot easier to find a supplement such as Ageless Male, to help you restore your testosterone levels to the levels that they can effectively improve your way of life.

These natural testosterone pills are effectively the best option for many men who are facing none life threatening symptoms. Natural t boosters often carry no side-effects and will gradually give you the boost you’re looking for.

The truth is that a drop in levels of testosterone can lead to an increase in body fat, development of the dreaded man boobs and even a decrease in body hair. If you are having low hormone count, then there is a possibility that you may have excessive increase of fat in body. With the usage of boosters, you may notice improvement in your body mass and strength.

Adding a booster to your daily regime can help you halt and turn around the majority of these symptoms. You simply need to find the right supplement and use it.

Natural testosterone boosters play vital role in our growth and development. Women use hormone boosters primarily to attain body stability after their menopause or a surgical cancer therapy. For a woman this booster, also known as HRT (hormone replacement therapy), helps them maintain healthy bone structure as they age and stops them from developing such crippling disease and conditions as osteoporosis. Not only that these booster treatments and regimes have been widely used for treating breast cancer especially when it has spread across the bone.

With each passing year, medical professionals are recognizing and accepting the fact that men do have Andropause, which is something on similar lines to menopause. This is the time when men should use testosterone boosters in order to bring their health back to normalcy. Generally, they start experiencing symptoms of Andropause at the age of 40.

Some Considerations:

As with all things medical it’s always going to be a safe bet to go and consult a medical professional. Supplements such as Ageless Male will work for the majority of men out there, but if you have any underlying conditions or are taking prescription medication, then I would urge you to go and talk to your doctor before you even think about any supplement. Also, it is essential for you to remember that if you’re a teenager, then you should strictly consider using it only after the recommendation of a doctor.

However, if you’re fit and healthy then you have nothing to lose but to give this a chance.


How it Works

Men value their testosterone levels very much. It’s practically the hormone that determines how manly they are. Men’s testosterone level affects their sex drive, the body’s ability to produce sperm cells and muscle build up. Its no wonder why men want their testosterone level to be higher, it improves their physical appearance, it also exudes more manliness.

However, as men grow older, their testosterone level falls down. This is due to fatigue, stress or simply the fact that when you grow older, your body will start to deteriorate too. Thankfully, with modern age technology and science, testosterone booster came along.

What is Testosterone Booster

It came into market, first as a replacement when steroids were banned from market circulation because of health concerns. Because of this, a more natural hormone stimulating supplement was created to ensure a safe and healthy way to build up muscle and increase the level of testosterone hormone. It is usually made from three ingredients such as D-Asparaginic Acid, FenuGreek, Tribulus and Damian.

D-Asparaginic Acid is an amino acid that can increase hormones by 25 to 30% at most. FenuGreek is an herb that contains natural chemicals that improves hormone level. Tribulus is a plant with natural properties that improve testosterone level. Damian on the other hand, is a native shrub from South America and Mexico. It contains acacetin that can boost up the level of testosterone in the body.
Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

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It can improve and increase testosterone hormone which will help you gain body mass and muscle faster. It will improve your physical appearance and performance. Aside from that, it can energize your body and good way to combat stress and fatigue.

Pros and Cons

The good thing about it is that its safer to use compared to steroids and readily available in the market. It will help improve your physical appearance and help improve athletic performance. It improves testosterone level without compromising the estrogen hormone.

However, it seldom cite all of the ingredients used in production and contains little to no information about scientific facts and research. Testosterone booster products seldom offer free trials and may cause side effects due to allergies. Depending on your body type, it may take effect immediately or longer.

What Users Say

Most testosterone users say that during the first weeks of using it, there is no noticeable change. However, as weeks pass and as you work out more, you will notice that your body weight increases and your muscle build up little by little. It is energizing and you feel less tired when working out.

It is available online and in supplement clinics. To order it online, simply log on to the website, fill up the order form and choose which product you will buy. The price will range from $50 to $100 depending on the number of capsules per bottle and shipping fee.



Testosterone is often referred to as the “king of mass”, no other Steroid is as good as Testosterone for packing on pure mass during a steroid cycle. Testosterone is the male bodies primary hormone and from the age of 30 Testosterone levels start to slowly decline, when these levels decline common symptoms will start to arise such as weight gain, fatigue, lower energy levels, depression, mood swings and loss of muscle mass to name a few. As of lately it is quite common for men who start suffering from low Testosterone levels to go onto “TRT” which stands for Testosterone replacement therapy, generally the patient will be given a weekly injection of Testosterone, the dosage will depend on blood tests and how the patient reacts to certain dosages, but generally a dosage of around 100mg a week is enough to give the desired results.

Testosterone and muscle growth

As mentioned earlier nothing adds muscle like Testosterone and for this reason many bodybuilders choose Testosterone as their number 1 choice when it comes to Steroid Cycles. Dosages can vary from as little as 300mg a week up to 3000mg a week or even more, dosages as high as that are stupid and will end up causing a lot of damage, generally most bodybuilders will stick to 500 to 1000mg a week depending on their experience level.

Different Testosterone’s

Although Testosterone is Testosterone, you can get Testosterone’s with different types of Esters added to create different half lifes. Basically some Testosterone’s are fast acting while others slow acting.

Testosterone Propionate – Fast acting

Testosterone Cypionate – Slow acting

Testosterone Enanthate – Slow acting

There are other Testosterone’s available as well but the above are the most popular. You can also get pure Testosterone without an ester and so the half life is very short, only a few hours, this is popular with athletes who get drug tested, you could inject this testosterone in the morning and by the afternoon pass a drug test.

Side effects of high Testosterone levels

High cholesterol
Very high libido
High blood pressure
and more

These side effects mentioned are related to levels that are often only achieved through abuse by bodybuilders, such as 400mg or higher a week.


Natural Treatments for Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone found in humans which is more predominant in men than in women. In men, the testosterone is produced in the testicle while in women it is produce by the ovaries. The hormone is associated with bone growth, density and strength, maintaining muscle mass, adequate levels of red blood cells, sexual function and a sense of well being. Raising the testosterone levels may be achieved through various methods. One of the most effective is using natural treatments. Increasing the levels of testosterone naturally is crucial since the hormone is also responsible for secondary sex characteristics in men such as voice deepening, sexual organs growth, growth of beards, erection frequency and libido as well as sperm production.

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Causes of Low Testosterone Levels

Natural decline in testosterone levels in men begins at around the age of 40 which may lead to andropause symptoms. Before seeking the low testosterone natural treatment it is important to be aware of other causes of low testosterone levels. High cholesterol level is one of the causes of low testosterone levels. By maintaining normal levels of cholesterol is essential in enhancing testosterone production. Alcohol consumption has also been associated with decreasing levels of testosterone. Research has indicated that acute and chronic alcohol consumption inhibits testosterone production. Metabolism of alcohol in the body has been reported to reduce the ratio of Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the liver and testes. NAD is essential in production of testosterone.

Health conditions like diabetes, tumors on the pituitary glands and the testicles, high blood pressure, chronic kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, obesity and sarcoidosis have also been shown to reduce testosterone levels. Infection and damage to pituitary glands, hypothalamus and the testicles can also be reason for low testosterone. In addition, some medical procedures such as radiation therapy, prostrate cancer treatment, chemotherapy and corticosteroid drugs can also lead to low testosterone production.

Natural Remedies for Low Testosterone

One of the proven ways of getting a low testosterone remedy is getting more zinc in the diet. Zinc is a major constituent of testosterone hormone. The mineral zinc can be obtained naturally in red meats, dairy products and eggs. Most multivitamins are also a good source of zinc.

Taking of monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and nuts, and saturated fats found in whole-milk products and red meat is proven low testosterone natural treatment. The dairy products and meat from animals reared in grass-fed pastures in humane conditions are said to have the highest quality of nutrients.

For many centuries now, the saw palmetto and ginseng herbs have been a popular male enhancement treatment and a low testosterone natural treatment. The two herbs are effective treatment of low testosterone levels and can be acquired cheaply. Other herbs known to enhance testosterone production include; catuaba bark, Tribulus Terrestris, velvet bean, horny goat weed and Tongkat Ali herb. Getting rid of excessive fats in the body improves the testosterone production. Excess fats in the body boost production of estrogen which has been shown to inhibit the effects of testosterone.

Reducing the use of alcohol and cigarette smoking has also been shown to increase the levels of testosterone levels. Use of alcohol and smoking compels the body to use up most of its energies in removing toxins leaving minimal energy for testosterone production. Getting enough sleep and adequate physical exercise boosts the natural production of testosterone. Even more effective low testosterone natural treatment is the use of testosterone replacement therapy. The use of natural and herbal supplements goes along way in boosting the production of testosterone and maintaining it to the desire levels.


Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Not everybody are a body-builders searching for the most effective testosterone supplement to acquire a buff physique. Testosterone booster side effects can be serious. For us testosterone is not only for increasing muscle but also for developing muscle. Many men suffer from the symptoms of minimal testosterone levels.

Androgenic hormone or testosterone: Testosterone is some sort of hormone that both women and men make. The bodies of men make far more testosterone and testosterone plays an essential role in the development and specifically sexual development in men. It makes the teenage boy’s voice into a man’s voice and causes unwanted facial hair to erupt. That’s why it’s generally known as the male hormone but some men can’t produce adequate numbers of testosterone for various reasons.

The average man containing low testosterone ranges experiences many challenging symptoms that affect libido and a lack of energy for manufactured. He doesn’t require the heavy dosage of testosterone of which body-builders take. Be cautious when taking testosterone boosters

Three advisors are:

1. Hormonal Asymmetry: Testosterone is not a toy to be used. Taking this hormone in unprecedented quantities (and occasionally illegal) quantities could throw off your own body’s hormonal balance and that is very difficult for you to regain.
2. Cut in natural testosterone output: When you learn to take forms of testosterone that will make your testosterone ranges sky rocket promptly, over time your whole body thinks it doesn’t need to produce any testosterone naturally. That’s how you become dependent on testosterone boosters for life.
3. Side-effects: The less mentioned side-effects of this kind of hormonal supplementation are very serious. They consist of liver damage, diminished libido, acne and hypertension. The only people that benefit from this sort of supplementation are old men who cannot produce any testosterone.

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Some of the benefits of natural testosterone boosters tend to be:

1. They support natural testosterone output: Some natural boosters tend to be gentle. They come alongside your whole body and help boost its testosterone production within or longer to safe and healthy limits. One example of this type of natural booster can be fenugreek seed extract that can be found in the supplements.
2. Estrogen inhibitors: A different way some testosterone supplements work can be by gently controlling the conversion regarding testosterone into estrogen, and that is the body’s normal process. These are often a good choice for women that were diagnosed with minimal testosterone too.
3. The right amount: Not too much and not not enough of testosterone keeps a man feeling healthy, lively, in love and happy. This hormone could steal the life from your life if still left unattended but all of that can change with somewhat natural testosterone improving.

So it’ clear that should you have lower testosterone levels and you wish to bump them approximately normal and healthy levels, natural testosterone boosters certainly are a better choice with the average man. You’ll gain muscle and experienced an increased libido on most of these natural testosterone supplements. So keep looking into testosterone supplements and choose wisely.


Top Rated Legal Testosterone Boosters

Before we even get into what the top rated legal testosterone boosters are lets set a better foundation on the subject of testosterone first. Testosterone is definitely one of the most well known hormones in the public eye.

It gives a person a mental picture of someone with bulging muscles and thought of as a masculine individual. The fact of the matter is testosterone does contribute to sex drive and the amount of muscle mass, it also contributes to mood regulation and the strength of your bones.

When a males testosterone level falls below a normal level, there are certain medical treatments that can help such as patches, gels or shots. There has been, for quite some time an argument as to whether an individual needs medical treatment or not. We are not here to tell you one way or the other, we don’t pass out medical advice only research and experience.

As we get older, a drop in testosterone levels start to occur. Now most of the time this is a slow drop, dropping only a small amount as the years tick by. This is all a normal part of aging that we will all go through. It has been called by some andropause or it has also been called male menopause. For most of us this usually never really causes much problems medical wise. Usually small symptoms such as low sex drive, easily irritated or moody and maybe some hot flashes as well.

Testosterone Boosters and What They Are

Testosterone boosters are herbal supplements that are legal. Their purpose is to raise the level of testosterone in the body. Even though these supplements are not regulated by the FDA many athletes and bodybuilders continue to turn to testosterone boosters to increase muscle mass and performance. I have heard many comments stating that testosterone boosters are now considered a natural alternative to steroids.

A Boost to One’s Motivation:

One of the more common comments from people who use testosterone boosters is that they report increased aggressiveness and motivation while they are working out. When an athlete attacks his workouts with more aggression and motivation he will see quicker gains as a result. Even though testosterone has been tagged with aggressive behavior I feel that it has been a little exaggerated.

Improvements in Sexual Performance:

An increase in testosterone has been known to improve sexual need and performance. This has been found to be true in older men and also woman that are post menopause. Legal Testosterone Booster supplements are taken with the intent of them getting your body to increase your testosterone levels. This in turn also can increase sexual libido and fertility, and this can happen at the same time. Just remember that testosterone boosters are not meant to replace medical advice from a doctor and the prescriptions they prescribe.

In a summary legal testosterone boosters will make you look and feel better, plus notice a considerable increase in energy. You will also be able to finally get that body you always wanted from all that hard work in the gym. At last you will finally have that physique you always dreamed of.

The Top Rated Legal Testosterone Boosters Reviewed

When your trying to settle on which testosterone booster to try, you’ll find that there are going to be more choices than you can shake a stick at. The top of my list will always include a booster that has all natural ingredients and there are several out there to choose from. Some of them are great and some don’t produce the promised results.

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