Best Fat Burner – What Are Fat Burners And How Do They Work?

If you have spent any time at all looking at diet pills and weight loss supplements you will have come across fat burners. You may have asked yourself how do they really work? More importantly, will be effective for you?

Before these questions can be answered you need to know a little about how fat burners work.

What are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are supplements you take that will help your body remove fat in a number of different ways. There are a number of active ingredients that can do this that are either chemical compounds or herbal ingredients that boost your bodies ability to burn more fat. One of the most effective fat burners for example, Phen375 is cliniclly proven to burn fat and is one of the strongest fat burners on the market.

How do Fat Burners work?

Fat burning diet pills are not all the same, there are three different ways that fat burners can get to work in the body and see results:

  • Boosting metabolism – Most fat burners work to increase your metabolism so that your body will burn off more calories in each and every activity it does
  • Appetite suppression – Some fat burners can make you feel less hungry, so you burn more calories from your stored fat
  • Boosting energy – A positive side effect of most fat burners is that they often give you a boost of energy. So you can enjoy being more active and more even more calories

How effective are Fat Burners?

With the right fat burning supplement they can be very effective! The best fat burner on the market at the moment has clinically proven to reduce your weight by 3-5lbs per week (20lbs per month!!).

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Of course results will differ from person to person as they are a number of variables to consider. The best results are gained by increasing your activity and eating healthy meals. Simply taking fat burners and changing nothing else may help you lose a little weight but results will likely not be sustainable.

As with any supplements taking them constantly over a long period is not advised, mainly as your body may get used to them. So it is advisable to take a break from the fat burners for a while before starting them again to see continued results.

Best Over the Counter Fat Burners

So you have decided on a fat burner to help shed those excess pounds, a good choice. Unless you have gone to your physician and had a prescription fat burner, the next step is to select the best over the counter fat burner.

How do you choose the best fat burners for you?

Do not be fooled by cheap fat burners

Many fat burners claim to offer the best ingredients to help burn your fat and help you get slim. In truth, most fat burners are simply caffeine pills, or worse diuretics that will only make you feel dehydrated and on edge.

The best over the counter fat burners will offer you guaranteed weight loss and should include pharmacy grade ingredients that are clinically proven. Whilst its nice to take a 100% natural weight loss supplement, the truth is most are not strong enough to actually do the job.

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Strong fat burners tend to be made from synthetic compounds and will really get to work on that stubborn fat. To be sure its safe only take fat burners that are free from side-effects though, the best fat burners also have a guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Your over the counter fat burner check-list:

  • Strong pharmacy grade ingredients, clinically proven to work
  • Scientifically proven with medical backing
  • Free from side-effects
  • Manufacturer full-money back guarantee

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Recommended best over the counter fat burner

The strongest and most powerful legal fat burner on the market we have reviewed is Phen375.

Made in FDA approved labs, Phen375 contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients that work without the side effects associated with other inferior fat burners.

Phen375 is a clinically proven fat burner that has been shown to body break down fatty tissue more efficiently and help suppress food cravings.

Many consumers have reported weight loss of 10lbs within the first 2 weeks of using Phen375!

Phen375 is only available from the official website and comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Best results have been found when using Phen375 for 2 months or more, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose!

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Best Fat Burners

Looking for the latest fat burners that can increase fat burning and give you that slim body in time for summer? Or maybe you are desperately trying to shake off that weight gain from the recent festive break?

Whatever your reason, looking for the latest fat burners that are effective and safe to take can sometimes be confusing, especially when there are so many to choose from.

There are some promising fat burners that have recently been released that have been clinically proven to work all without side effects!


New Fat Burners

Here are three top contenders for the best fat burners of 2019 that are the real deal and can promote fat burning and overall weight loss.

Capsiplex Plus – Fat burning with a smile!

Riding on the success of the original Capsiplex fat burners, Advanced Health have recently released the new and improved Capsiplex Plus.

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Promising even faster weight loss, Capsiplex Plus combats low serotonin levels (hormone that is linked with depression) so that you feel great too. No more feeling depressed whilst trying to shift stubborn fat!

The ingredients in Capsiplex Plus include the original clinically proven Capsiplex capsicum extract that helps to burn 280 more calories per day. Also included is 5-HTP ( 5-Hydroxytryptophan ) that has a range of benefits, of which the most well known is by boosting your mood.

By taking Capsiplex Plus you not only get an incredibly effective fat burner but a supplement that helps you lose weight with a smile!

Capsiplex plus is available directly from the official website and costs from $50 (£32) with some packages including free c-plex60 carb blockers.

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African Mango

African Mango has taken over from the Acai Berry as one of the strongest and most effective superfruits for increasing fat burning.

Africa’s Finest African Mango offers as massive of pure African Mango extract and looks to be one of the strongest African Mango supplements on the market.

Clinically proven to delay stomach emptying to help you feel fuller for longer, reduces blood sugar levels after eating and decreases bad cholesterol – African Mango could help you easily lose 12 pounds in just 4 weeks!

If you are looking for a side effect free supplement that could help you lose 2 inches of your waistline then Africa’s Finest African Mango is a great choice.

You can buy one month’s supply of African Mango supplement for $62 (£39.95) from Evolution Slimming and includes 30-day money-back guarantee.

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