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All About Phentermine

Overweight is a huge problem nowadays. More and more people get too fat. Obesity causes heart diseases and other health conditions that can lead to death. For many patients the only way to get rid of extra weight is a surgery. But this way is very dangerous and expensive. That is why we are looking for safer and cheaper treatment such as diet pills.

One of the most popular weight loss medicines is Phentermine. This diet medication is designed for obese people only. It can’t be taken by those who have a few extra pounds and find themselves ‘too fat’. It’s a serious drug that can fight obesity and show great results.

What is Phentermine? How does it work? Where should I call in case of overdose? Where can I buy Phentermine without prescription? Is doctor’s script necessary for this drug? What sites give the best price for Phentermine? There are so many questions that require answers. We hope that this article will give you necessary information about Phentermine you might be looking for.


Where and How to Buy Phentermine Without Prescription?

There are two possible ways to buy Phentermine. One way is visit your doctor and ask for a prescription. The other way is to buy Phentermine without prescription via Internet.

But if you decide to take the way with doctor, it’s more confident. Prescription is your assurance that your medication will be of a high quality and won’t hurt your health.


Legal Status

Phentermine is listed in Controlled Substances Act (CSA) published at official website of Drug Enforcement Administration of U.S. Department of Justice. The other names of Phentermine that can be found in the official list are Ionamin, Fastin, Adipex-P, Obe-Nix, Zantryl. The whole list is available at

According to the list of CSA there are five schedules of drugs. Though Phentermine is similar to amphetamines, it is listed in 4th schedule while amphetamine belongs to 2nd schedule. Still Phentermine may lead only to limited physical dependence or psychological dependence if comparing it with drugs listed in schedule II (those can lead to big dependence and cause severe side effects).

Drugs listed in 4th schedule have a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the USA. This means that Phentermine is legally allowed being taken by obese patients, and for sale, but only with prescription.

Don’t try to buy phentermine without prescription in US pharmacy. US drugstores – won’t sell Phentermine to you without prescription. This is illegal.

Is Online Phentermine Safe?

No guarantee. Its very strong and it helps obese people to fight overweight. But if all the technologies are carefully followed, why would this medication not be safe?

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In order to find your medication and cheap price – try different offshore pharmacy companies and different Phentermine dealers. Only in such a way you can find the best price/quality for you.

How Does Online Phentermine Look Like?

When you buying Phentermine online, don’t expect to receive a colorful package that is shown on the website picture. Online Phentermine package is different from the package bought in a real pharmacy at your city or town.

USA customs will no let Phentermine or other drugs listed in 4th Schedule go through. That is why many dealers make the package without instructions and names of the drug. They make it look like vitamins to have no problems at customs service. Dealers do this to help patients who ordered Phentermine online to receive their medication in time. Package doesn’t influence the chemical ingredients and the quality of Phentermine pills.

If you haven’t received your order or if you are unsatisfied with your order, you can make a new order for free or get your money back. Big online pharmacies value every client and they do everything to make them satisfied with their service at 100 per cents.


Side Effects

emember that Phentermine can be habit-forming!

It’s important to take a dose that is prescribed to you and not extend the period of time Phentermine is directed to be used.

If you take Phentermine for a long period of time you might have skin problems and other side effects. Thus, before you decide to take Phentermine, talk to your doctor about RX and mention whether:

• you have allergy to Phentermine or other drugs;
• you take such pills as insulin, fluvoxamine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, any vitamins or other tablets for weight loss or depression;
• you suffer from heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma;
• you are pregnant, breastfeed or plan to become a mother soon;
• you like alcohol and drink it quite often.


Phentermine can lead to slower mind reactions. This means that it’s better not to drive when you just start taking your medicine and don’t know how it can affect you. Don’t drink alcohol while taking Phentermine. Alcohol can increase possible side effects caused by this drug.

Phentermine more drug warnings recalls:

What are the side effects of Phentermine? Side effects can include allergic reactions such as hives, hair loss, breathing problems, swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or face.

Severe drug warnings include swelling, chest aches, abnormal heartbeat, confusion, strong headaches, blurred vision, extreme high blood pressure, short of breath, seizure, anxiety. If you get any of these side effects, you must immediately stop taking Phentermine and get medical help.

Mild side effects are nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, diarrhea, and itching.

These are not all possible side effects that can occur to obese patients. If you suffer any other side effect or don’t feel well while taking Phentermine, talk to your doctor.

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Pregnant and breastfeeding women must not take Phentermine. Its affect is not researched in this group. To learn more about Phentermine’s affect on breastfeeding mothers, visit,,3wrj,00.html.


Phentermine & Other Drugs (Interactions)

Do not take Phentermine together with other weight loss pills. Talk to your doctor and mention all the medications you use before taking Phentermine. Combined with other diet pills, Phentermine can lead to lung disorder!

It’s better not to mix Phentermine and pills for high blood pressure; insulin and other oral diabetes medicines; antidepressants (xanax, prozac, zoloft, lexapro or wellbutrin, citalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, amoxapine, desipramine, doxepin and others); quanadrel and quanethidine.

The list of possible drug interactions is too huge. Thus, remember to mention all prescribed and over-the-counter medicines you use when talking to your doctor about Phentermine prescription. It means that you must speak about ALL vitamins, minerals, drugs and herbal products you take.

History of Phentermine

The name of Phentermine is a contraction for phenyl-tertiary-butylamine. It is one of the most popular appetite suppressants prescribed to obese patients all over the world. In July 2009 Phentermine celebrated 50 years since being approved by Food and Drug Administration in the USA. Since 1959 this drug has helped millions of obese patients from many countries.

Of course, Phentermine is not the only appetite suppressant being sold on the market today. There are many commercial trade names if this drug, for example, Adipex, Ionamin, Phentrol, Fastin, Duromine and others. Phentermine is also being sold as a generic. It is available in many countries including USA, Canada (ca), Australia (au), New Zealand (nz), United Kingdom (uk), Germany (de), Italy (it), Mexico (mx), Spain (es), Brazil (br) etc… Because it’s similar to amphetamines, Phentermine is under control in most countries. It requires a doctor’s prescription.

There are other strong diet pills that can help obese patients. One of them is Xenical (sold since 1999). It is known as a safe drug. Alli (know since 2007) is a medication that contains a lower dosage of Xenical ingredients.

There are many herbal medications such as Fastin that are said to fight overweight. They are sold without a physician prescription because they don’t contain any chemicals. Their effectiveness is not researched. They are not sold in official pharmacies but in online stores.

There are other herbal medicines such as PhenTRemine, Phentermin and PhenTRAmin. They only sound like Phentermine. They no prior prescription.

Real Phentermine is similar to amphetamines – also known as Phentermine hcl – Phentermine Hydrochloric Acid. It suppresses appetite by blocking parts of central nervous system responsible for appetite control. As a result a patient feels full and doesn’t want to eat. Phentermine hcl is prescribed for patients who have risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Phentermine hcl can’t be taken for a long time. For a better result it is recommended to combine Phentermine hcl with a special diet and exercises.


How Effective Is Phentermine?

Going through different sites that show testimonials, you can find much information about the amount of pounds patients lose while taking Phentermine. Thus, most patients say that they lost 15-45 pounds in 1-2 months period. A lot of people who are using Phentermine write that they have dry lips but feel the energy to exercise and take long walks.

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Some patients find that with time their body gets tolerant towards Phentermine and they need to adjust their dosage. But what most important is that once you start taking Phentermine you must change your lifestyle: do exercises, eat healthy food. Alone Phentermine won’t do any magic. This medication helps to create good eating and exercising habits that allow obese people to control their weight.

The positive effects of Phentermine include absence of appetite, increased energy and positive thoughts.


FDA recommends taking Phentermine for a short-term. It is interpreted as the period of up to 12 weeks.

In most cases patients can take a single daily dose of Phentermine in the morning 1 hour before or after breakfast (as it is directed by your physician). Sometimes doctors prescribe obese patients to take Phentermine 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals (in small dosages of 8 milligrams). This medication is taken orally (by mouth).

If you take Phentermine in the evenings, you might suffer insomnia (troubles with sleeping). If you take sustained-release capsules of Phentermine, do you chew or crush them but swallow the medication whole. Otherwise you might destroy the long action of Phentermine and increase side effects.

There are lot of Phentermine milligrams type – 15 mg (yellow capsuls), 30 mg (white), 37.5 mg (blue tablets), 18.75 mg, 105 mg…

What is better – capsule or tablet form?

Consult your doctor to find out what dosage suits you the best. In order to remember to take a pill every day, take it at the same time(s) daily. It’s better to carefully follow all the directions on your prescription label. If you don’t understand the instructions, contact your doctor or pharmacist for the explanations.

Store Phentermine at room temperature. Avoid heat and moisture. Keep away from children. Don’t take after expiration date!

Research on Phentermine and other diet pills proved that these drugs cannot be taken for a long period of time. To read more, visit


If you think that you overdose and took more Phentermine that you were supposed to, get medical attention as soon as possible.

Phentermine overdose can be fatal.

What are symptoms of overdose? You might feel confused, aggressive or restless; get hallucinations; vomit; suffer from nausea, diarrhea, stomach aches, abnormal heartbeat; feel light-headed, faint, or get seizure (convulsions).

Missed Dose

If you forget to take Phentermine and miss your dose, take it as soon as you remember. However if the times comes for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take your medicine according to your regular schedule. Don’t take extra Phentermine pill or capsule to make up the missed dose.


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