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Are you concerned about the size of your penis .. or perhaps your sex life is okay and you’ve always wanted to please your girlfriend like a porn star? These are just some of the many reasons why people have chose penis extenders to increase their size.

Medically endorsed, penile extenders are one of the most effective ways to achieve permanent and natural increase in length and width. With a penis extender, you can achieve significant increases in size within a few months. In fact, extenders are so effective they have been featured in major publications like the BBC, WedMD, and most recently have been endorsed by GQ magazine.

This site was created to provide the most complete, up-to-date information on natural enlargement techniques.

Why Penis Extenders Are Better Than Other Methods:

Pills – Despire numerous claims made be manufacturers, “penis pills” cannot on their own increase size. In fact, the news and major media outlets have regularly feature stories highlighting the bogus claims and deceptive marketing of these companies, and sometimes dangerous ingredients in these products.
Pumps – Consisting of a plastic tube that wraps around the penis, pumps use vacuum suction to enlarge. Unfortunately, the gains are temporary, and lead to the potential risk of bruising, lumps, and an elevated risk of bent penis syndrome.
Weights – Weight hanging is one of the oldest methods of natural enlargement and goes back to cultural traditions. Naturally, it is very dangerous, and can result in permanent injury and ugly disfigurements.
Surgery – A proven yet highly risky method of penis enlargement, surgery can lead to infections and severe nerve damage. Furthermore, it costs thousands of dollars, is extremely painful, and can not be reversed.


How Do Penis Stretchers Work?

Penis stretchers or stretchers (as some people like to refer to them) have been advertised in men’s magazines and recently, they have become prevalent on the internet. The question becomes whether or not extenders actually work and if there is any scientific proof to the claims of manufacturers. The following information will offer an in depth look at the science of penis traction and present the proof that these devices actually work.

Penis Traction Device

Penis extenders are otherwise known as penile traction devices because they use continuous traction and tension on a stretched penis in order to impart a physiological change in the penis from a cellular level.

The origin of traction devices begins in European laboratories. The origins centered on creating a natural cure for Peyronie’s Disease. Such a condition (It really is not a disease) is when the penis has an unnatural or pronounced curve to it. Extenders were initially intended to straighten and eliminate curvature. There was, however, another benefit that was discovering during the straightening process: the length and girth of the penis was increased.

Once this amazing and surprising discovery was made, the designers realized they had a potential male enhancement breakthrough: natural and effective penis enlargement that does not come with the high costs and significantly greater risks associated with penile enlargement surgery.

But, how do these enlargement devices work? Again, the answer is found in the word “traction.”

Penile Traction

The design of an extender reveals how it is able to use traction to increase genitalia size. Even a cursory glance reveals the science at work with such traction devices. A circular ring fits at the base of the shaft and the flaccid penis is inserts through the circular ring. Extending from the ring are two steel rods. Attached to the rods will be a cushioned grip item in which the head of the penis will be lightly clamped to. The flaccid penis will then be stretched away from the body and held in an extended position as the light clamp is held at a comfortable length away from the body.

Once this occurs, the continuous tension will lead to the penis trying to naturally reduce the stress. Essentially, the way this will occur is through the cells in the penis seeking to divide. If the cells divide, then the penis will become larger. This increase in size will come mostly in the form of length, but there will also be girth gains as well.

Expected Results

Penis enlargement does not occur overnight. Rather, continuous tension must be applied over several months and for several hours per day. (Note: the device should be removed every 15 to 20 minutes to allow blood circulation to the penis to continue) Those willing to put in the right effort will discover enlargement gains are possible.

How can we be completely sure that these penis extenders actually work? You simply need to look towards clinical studies.

Clinical Studies

National Congress o-f the Spanish Association of Andrology
Conducted on March- 28, 29 and 30, 2001 in Alicante to determine the impact of extenders on Peyronie’s Disease

This clinical study was performed with 26 male test subjects. The clinical study examined how continuous tension could contribute to cellular division. While the goal here was to straighten out the penis, it was shown that by the end of the six month test version there was a significant length increase. At the beginning of the study, the average penis length was 14.4cm. By the end of the six months, the average length increased to 16.5. That is a rather pronounced increase in penis length.

The San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin, Italy Study

An urologist named Paolo Gontero organized this clinical study which involved 15 men that measured (on average) 1.5 inches flaccid/2.75 inches stretched. This clinical study was conducted over a six month period. This study incorporated a commercial penis extender and the directions of the extender were followed to the letter. At the end of the test period, it was discovered nearly one inch in flaccid size was gained and roughly a half an inch in erect length was gained.

It can safely be stated that based upon the research present in these studies, an increase in male size is likely possible within a reasonable amount of time as long as the right effort is added to the mix.

There will be those men that will wonder if “only” a half an inch gain is worth the effort. The most obvious answer here would be any increase is size will be beneficial. It is important to note that these clinical studies may have ended at the six month mark. Those that seek to increase the size of their penis will certainly continue with the process longer than six months. While it’s true gains will slow down after the initial months, slight increases will continue. Some may even try to use their extenders for six months on and then one month off and then another six months as a means of “tricking” the body into further growth. Those willing to try such an option have noticed expanded gains as a result.

Will a penis extender ultimately work for you? The answer will only be achieved if you actually employ the device during an extended period of time. Those wondering if they should are advised to look towards the aforementioned clinical studies for a vote of confidence.


Penis Extender Common Questions

Looking to find out the real deal behind penis extenders? Here we take a look at the most common questions men are likely to encounter when shopping around for penis enhancing devices.

What is a penis extender?
A: Simply put, a penis extender is a device that puts pressure or traction onto the penis, slowly causing the structure to elongate.

How do I use a penis extender?
A: This will depend on how the device is designed, but usually the penis is slipped into the base of the device. Then some form of noose or strap is used to hold the penis in place. Adjustable spring rods are used to apply pressure and change the amount of traction or stretching experienced. Since the device is designed to be worn for hours at a time, cushioning pads are usually included to increase comfort.

Do penis extenders really work?
A: Yes they do. Penis extenders are lightweight, easy to wear and thousands of testimonials are available from men who have effectively remedied small penis sizes by using traction devices.

Is there any scientific evidence to support this?
A: Several companies that sell penis traction devices have conducted scientific tests to confirm that their products are capable of treating penis size. Independent clinical studies have also been published in medical journals and other noteworthy scientific publications that confirm that penis traction devices can increase penis width and girth.

How often do I have to use it?
A: Although you should read the usage information included with the specific product you purchase for exacts, most penis extenders are designed to be used daily. In most cases, men are directed to wear the device for 4 to 8 hours a day, or even longer to get results as quickly as possible.

Can I wear it while doing other activities?
A: Depending on the device, you choose it may be possible to wear your penis extender while mobile. This will usually work best, however, for those sitting in their office chair at work, doing light chores around the house or sleeping while wearing the device. The only way to find out if your device is useable while moving is to try it out, if any pinching or pain is felt, however, stop and continue to use the device when resting or sitting. Wearing lose fitting pants can also make it more comfortable to wear the device when on the move.

How many hours per day should I wear it?
A: For best results, 4-6 hours per day is considered optimal. Allow 1-2 days per week of rest.

How many hours of use are required before I see significant gains?
A: A lot of users have said that after 800h they noticed significant gains.

Can I increase my girth?
A: Yes. As the device pumps blood into the penis, both the length and width will experience some gains. Moreover and contrary to the fears of some men, an increase in length will not result in a thinner penis.

Can you wear an exetender while you sleep?
A: It is not recommended to wear it while you sleep because of the risk of injury to your penis or extender.

Can a penis extender correct a crooked penis?
A: Yes! Clinical studies have suggested that penis traction devices are capable of reducing curvature and restoring sexual pleasure that is often reduced through the painful lesions that the disease causes.

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